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PicturesToExe - how to create DVD-Video disc

PicturesToExe - How to create DVD-Video disc
How to create DVD-Video disc?
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With PicturesToExe you are able to produce AVI video file, which can be easily burned as DVD-Video disc with help of any special software. Even it is possible to create SVCD disc on usual CD-R disc with high quality of image and sound (almost as DVD-Video). Please create usual EXE files for playing presentations on PC, and DVD-Video disc, if you want to play your presentations on DVD players connected to TV.

Step 1: Preparing of AVI file file in PicturesToExe.
PicturesToExe - open your folder to select pictures
  • Start PicturesToExe

  • Open your project

  • Call AVI video output dialog

    • Choose "NTSC" TV system ( United States, Canada, Japan, Taiwan or South Korea).
    • Choose "PAL/SECAM" TV system ( Europe, Australia, Africa, or in any other country).

  • Select "DVD-Video disc". (DVD-Writer / SVCD disc / CD-R/RW drive is needed).

    • "Interlaced for TV" option - get excellent quality and smoothness of transitions on TV.
    • "Preview" button - immediately see the resulting presentation playing as video file.
      On burned DVD-Video disc all transition effects will play excellent as in usual EXE file, and text fonts are enough large to be readable on the screen of TV.

  • Click the "Create AVI file" button. PicturesToExe will produce video file within 10-30 seconds.

    Please don't click "Finish" button until you didn't fully burn the DVD-Video disc.
Step 2: Converting and burning AVI video file into DVD-Video disc.

PicturesToExe can not burn DVD-Video, so you need to make use of any special software which can convert produced AVI video file into DVD-Video format and burn the disc.
  • You can use Ulead DVD MovieFactory2, also you will able to make simple DVD menu.
    (please don't forget to choose NTSC or PAL/SECAM in the Preferences window.)

  • Click the "Finish" button in PicturesToExe when the disc will be fully written.
    (Temporary AVI video file will be automatically deleted, because it is intended only for converting into DVD-Video format.)

  • Enjoy with your recorded DVD-Video or SVCD discs! SVCD on usual CD-R disc gives almost DVD video quality.
Even if you don't have DVD writer, you can burn SVCD on usual CD-R disc via CD-R/RW writer with almost DVD quality!

Advanced users can use "Create custom AVI video file" option for various purposes. This allows to produce AVI video file with necessary audio and video codecs (MPEG4, MJPEG, etc).
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How to create DVD-Video disc?

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